Graco 4ever vs Britax Marathon – Which Child Safe Seat Should You Purchase?


Both Graco and Britax are globally-known manufacturers that market childcare products such as strollers, car seats, high chairs, travel systems, and accessories.

It’s difficult to choose between the Graco 4ever vs Britax Marathon because these car seats are both very popular. Some people rave about how good Graco is while others swear that Britax is a high-quality chair. Parents do their best to provide comfort and safety for their children so deciding which car seat to purchase might become a tedious task.

One way to opt for the best alternative is to read this comparative review while evaluating the seats’ main features, and then make an informed choice. After all, the most important thing is for your baby to feel comfy and secure while sitting or resting in a car seat.

Graco vs Britax – Comparing the Brands



The company was founded in 1942 and it was located in Philadelphia. Just like Britax, Graco started by manufacturing car parts and machine components before shifting its focus on products for kids. The producer’s first baby product was an infant swing that was known as Graco Swyngomatic®.

Graco’s first baby swing was a hit and the firm sold millions of units. Later on, Graco introduced a baby travel system in the market and, up to this day, the brand remains a leader in the industry.

Nowadays, Graco is part of the Newell Rubbermaid™ group and has over 1,000 associates worldwide. Although the company went through several changes along the way, its employees have always remained faithful to the firm’s core values: commitment, dedication, and top-quality products.


This brand is known for its reliability and the company’s products are synonymous with qualities such as safety and premium fabrics. The name of the brand comes from “British Accessories.”

The company was launched in 1938 and, at first, they were selling automotive safety equipment like motorcycle accessories and seatbelts. Then, in 1970, Britax has expanded its activity by creating child safety seats. The company’s expansion was possible due to several acquisitions of multiple child seat producers located all over the world. For instance, they bought Steelcraft in Australia and Romer in Germany.

On the other hand, under the Britax umbrella, these products have known a lot of useful improvements and innovations. The safety seats made by Britax are known as being premium products.

The Main Differences Between Graco 4ever vs Britax Marathon

When it comes to safe seats, both Graco and Britax produce and market all the main child product types, from infant car seats and convertible safety seats to boosters and combination seats. Still, unlike Britax, Graco also creates the Graco 4ever which is an all-in-one multi-purpose car seat.

Let’s discuss a bit about the key differences that set these two products apart. For starters, Graco products are less expensive compared to the ones made by Britax. On the other hand, Britax seats provide a wider range of improved features that are linked with comfort and safety.

Still, Graco seats are also very good alternatives, even though they are cheaper. For what’s worth, all the products manufactured by Graco have received high ratings from most of the clients. So, in other words, if you want to buy a very good child car seat but you don’t want to break the bank, the Graco 4ever model might be an excellent fit.

What about Their Level of Safety?

Obviously, every parent takes safety into consideration first and foremost when purchasing a baby product, especially a car seat. This type of item must have all the necessary features to offer full security at all times in order to keep the infant well protected in all kinds of situations.

So, this is why we will definitely analyze this aspect to see if Graco 4ever and Britax Marathon meet the high requirements of worried and protective parents. Britax comes with a 5-point harness while Graco can have either a 5-point harness or a 3-point system. Moreover, the Britax car seat features an integrated safety system that protects your baby during an impact.

This function goes beyond what the federal authorities require which means a lot from a customer relationship perspective. In the case of the Britax car seat, its strength comes from the steel frame which is both durable and solid. The base part compresses well and absorbs the energy of an impact during a collision.

My Pick
Graco 4Ever

IF you need to save a few dollars, the Extend2Fit isn't a bad choice, but personally I prefer the higher weight limit on the Graco 4Ever. 120 pounds (versus 65) is a BIG weight difference. This way, I only need one car seat.

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The Britax Marathon seat also ensures side impact protection due to the fact that the shell is lined with deep foam. As a matter of fact, the overall design is engineered, manufactured, and tested in the United States but it does include some global components which are all of the high quality.

Both Graco 4ever and Britax Marathon has received the JPMA safety certificate.

Graco 4ever vs Britax Marathon – Car Seat Base

You can easily use both of these products with or without the base part. The car seat base is just a useful and popular addition that offers easier and quicker installation or removal.

Parents can also buy extra bases separately if they own more than one vehicle. You won’t have to worry about placing the car seat base in the right position because both manufacturers have equipped their seats with a level indicator so that you can see the proper angle at which the seat is placed in your car.

Graco 4ever

Graco 4ever vs Britax Marathon – Color Choices

This is a very popular character that many buyers take into consideration despite the fact that it isn’t technical at all. The majority of parents, besides wanting a safe and comfy seat, also want a product that looks appealing or one that fits the style of their vehicle.

Many people are either searching for a specific color or are selecting one of the available choices, based on personal taste and preferences.

Graco 4ever has plenty of colors to select from. You can now choose from no less than 12 hues, including Cameron, Dorian, Basin, Azalea, Hayden, and more. Some of the models such as Hayden, Tambi, and Ottlie are mostly black or have a variety of dark colors like gray. The Studio version features a stripe pattern while Skylar and Dorian are both black mixed with a few dark blue parts.

As you can see, there are so many different choices that it’s basically impossible not to find one to your liking. Don’t get me wrong! I am not saying that Britax Marathon isn’t great when it comes to color options because it is. It’s true, however, that Britax doesn’t have as many alternatives as Graco.

Among Britax Marathon’s most popular color choices there are the following ones: Verve, Tempo, Oasis, Bubbles, and Ashton.

There’s one thing you should know about most of these patterns, though. They are not as colorful as the ones provided by Graco 4ever. The only pattern that has a vivid color combination is Oasis which is a mix of black and light blue. You can also buy the Cowmooflage model which is a funny one with a white seat and black spots that mimic a cow’s skin.

Graco 4ever vs Britax Marathon – Size and Weight

Britax Marathon

If we compare the size and dimensions of these two car seats, here’s what we can see. Both of them are convertible which means they are easy to handle and store. Obviously, smaller or narrower cars need a compact and slim baby safety seat. Another thing you should consider is how much space is left in front of the baby seat once you install it in the vehicle.

For narrow cars, Graco 4ever might not be the best option because it’s a rather bulky seat. It’s 20 inches wide and its height measures 24 inches.

So, if you want to fully recline it, you will need a lot of space. Furthermore, this seat model is also pretty heavy, weighing approximately 23 lbs.

What I mean is that you should probably opt for the Britax Marathon version, especially if you plan to travel a lot. Unfortunately, Graco 4ever isn’t as portable as one might expect. Still, for those of you who’re looking for a fixed solution with a one-time installation, then the Graco seat remains a viable option.

Unlike Graco, Britax Marathon is a slim and small baby seat that’s only 18.5 inches wide. Due to its slim design, you will be able to install multiple safety seats in your car at the same time, although, when it is fully reclined, this model also needs quite a lot of space.

Compared to Graco, Britax is heavier, weighing 28.4 lbs. So, we can say that neither one of these seats is an excellent choice for parents who travel often.

Graco 4ever vs Britax Marathon – Suitable Uses

After thinking about colors, features, and dimensions, you must also consider how long and in what ways you want to use the car seat.

For example, out of these two products that we’re discussing today, the one that can be used the longest is Graco 4ever. You can safely place your child in it until the baby reaches 120 pounds. Meanwhile, Britax Marathon is good for children who weigh a maximum of 65 pounds.

My Pick
Graco 4Ever

IF you need to save a few dollars, the Extend2Fit isn't a bad choice, but personally I prefer the higher weight limit on the Graco 4Ever. 120 pounds (versus 65) is a BIG weight difference. This way, I only need one car seat.

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On the other hand, Britax Marathon, although a convertible car seat, can only be used two ways: either as a forward-facing baby seat or a rear-facing safety seat. So, once your child grows, you will have to purchase a new product, a booster seat.

Graco 4ever vs Britax Marathon – Main Features

Graco 4ever is equipped with a special harness system that’s both safe and easy to adjust. This system will enable you to modify the seat’s headrest part as well as the position of the harness without the need to re-thread. Moreover, the entire feature allows no less than 10 different harness positions for you to choose from. This way you can adjust the seat in order to fit your baby.

The Graco car seat also comes with 6 available recline positions that provide optimal safety and comfort. There are two cup holders added to the seat and, when you want to clean the product, you can simply remove the cover and wash it in the washing machine.

In terms of harness systems, Britax Marathon is similar to Graco 4ever. Both of them have easily-adjustable safety systems that don’t really require re-threading. You can choose from 14 different harness positions and 7 available recline options. On the downside, the Britax model lacks cup holders but you can buy one separately.

Also, another thing that might bug you about this car seat is the fact that its cover cannot be cleaned in the washing machine.

Graco 4ever vs Britax Marathon – Pros and Cons

Graco 4ever


  • It comes with plenty of useful safety features;
  • The headrest and harness systems are adjustable;
  • There are 5 recline positions that you can select from;
  • The seat’s cushion can be cleaned in the washing machine;
  • It’s a four-in-one baby safety seat;
  • The seat is easy to install;
  • It features 2 removable cup holders.


  • It’s pretty heavy and bulky;
  • Some parents have said that the seat’s headrest rattles;
  • The fabric of the cushion isn’t very breathable and it can get sweaty;
  • The harness system isn’t removable which can make the cleaning process a lot more difficult;
  • When you adjust the seat to its highest point, the driver might lose part of the rear visibility;
  • A few users have stated that this product isn’t as comfy as one might expect.

Britax Marathon


  • It has a compact and lightweight structure which is great when you travel with your child;
  • It works both ways: you can place it to face either the front or the rear part of the vehicle;
  • Your baby will be comfy and protected in this seat;
  • It’s easy to install;
  • It comes with a lot of safety features;
  • The product is made in the United States;
  • You can select from 14 different harness positions.


  • It’s not that easy to remove the seat from the car and then put it back in;
  • It won’t fully recline which might be an issue during naptime;
  • You need to disassemble the entire seat if you want to wash it;
  • Some say that the crotch straps can be a tad short.

Graco 4ever vs Britax Marathon – How Much Do These Products Cost?

The Britax Marathon car seat is a bit less expensive than Graco’s model. You can purchase it on Amazon. In fact, it has received a rating of 4.4 out of a total of 5 stars and the fact that there are over 600 customer reviews published there makes that rating even more relevant.

Graco 4ever vs Britax Marathon Conclusion – Which One Should You Buy?

Generally speaking, most people tend to opt for the Graco 4ever car seat instead of choosing Britax Marathon because, as they say, it provides a good value for the money. You can use it much longer than you could use the Britax car seat. Graco’s model offers improved features and has not one, but two cup holders. It’s easy to install and it’s a sturdy and reliable car seat.

Still, Britax Marathon is recommended if you want to place it in a forward-facing position. This car seat is manufactured entirely in the United States and the seat cover is breathable. Finally, the Britax seat is recommended for those parents who travel a lot due to its lightweight structure.

My Pick
Graco 4Ever

IF you need to save a few dollars, the Extend2Fit isn't a bad choice, but personally I prefer the higher weight limit on the Graco 4Ever. 120 pounds (versus 65) is a BIG weight difference. This way, I only need one car seat.

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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
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