[last updated May 2023]

The Car Seat Explorer website has been provided to you for your convenience, with the intention of providing layman advice and a variety of reviews based on the opinion of parents for new and expecting parents, on different products related to pregnancy, birth and early childhood. 

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Applicable Safety Standards – Product Safety Disclaimer

All of our reviews are based upon information and products that are publicly available at the time of writing. Please be aware that many infant and children’s products have specific safety standards that may vary according to your country of origin. As Car Seat Explorer is not a manufacturer, supplier, or retailer, we make no promises or guarantees regarding the safety of any of the reviewed products. Product safety and legal compliance, including testing or assessing safety features or compliance with local laws and regulations, are entirely outside of our control. Product guarantees and warranties are also entirely outside of our control. It remains unequivocally your responsibility to check the safety standards in your location and confirm that any product you have chosen to purchase is compatible with your country’s applicable safety standards. If you have a problem or claim against any particular product, you must directly contact the manufacturer or supplier of that product. 

Medical Disclaimer

Our reviews are of a general nature and are not tailored specifically to your child’s individual needs, medical conditions, or their age. For all reviews regarding any infant formulas, medications, probiotics, or other consumable products, please note that Car Seat Explorer reviewers are not paediatric medical professionals or qualified nutritionists. Our reviews are based on opinion and must not be taken as a substitute for paediatric opinion or advice. You should consult with your medical practitioner before you introduce anything new into your child’s diet. You are entirely responsible for any decision you make regarding you or your child’s consumption or use of any product or service.

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Promotions and Affiliate Links Disclaimer 

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Defects and Safety Disclaimer

Any defects, loss or damage that occurs because of any purchase you make is a matter between you and the retailer or manufacturer, not us. We do not manufacture or sell products; we give our subjective opinion based on our experiences or those of other parents. We do not have the resources to check or monitor product quality or safety (including safety warnings and recalled product announcements) and it is not our responsibility to make these enquiries on your behalf.