Best Nuna Car Seats Guide

best nuna car seats

I remember when I was pregnant with my son, I dove deep into understanding the world of car seats. As I spent hours researching car seat safety and all of the cool car seat toys I could give my son to play with, I didn’t spend much time contemplating.

After all, since there are basic safety standards for a car seat in the United States, how different could they be?

I knew a few things; I learned about the pinch test Asphyxiation concerns if I let my son sleep in the car seat and the local car seat laws on when my son could start forward facing. But, I only knew a little about the differences between car seat manufacturer brands and the quality of their car seats.

Fast forward a few months, and I’m in the fourth trimester. I’m learning about the comfort of car seats because of hands-on experience and figuring out what my son doesn’t and does like.

I originally bought him a cheap car seat off of Amazon that I read many great reviews on, but come to find out, it wasn’t my son’s favorite. That’s what started my journey into looking into Nuna car seats. I spent a lot of time looking deep into the Nuna car seats, going to stores to look at their car seats, and even trying out some car seats for my son. 

Plus, I even spent so much time trying out and looking into Nuna car seats that I even made some recommendations for my mom friends.

I have all of The Insider information you need to know about the best Nuna car seats that are worth your money. No, I’m not some Instagram mom trying to make you feel like you need a Nuna car seat to be a good mom. if you’re interested in Nuna car seats because of their security and comfort, I’ve got the best for you here.

Bottom Line Up Front

 The one Nuna car seat I would recommend to any and every parent looking for a Nuna-brand seat is the Nuna Exec All-in-One car seat.

My Top Picks

  • My all-time favorite: Nuna Exec All-in-One 
  • For Parents of Multiples: Nuna Revv Rotating Car Seat
  • First-time Parents: Nuna Pipa Infant Car Seat
  • Booster Seat: Nuna Aace Booster Seat 

All About Nuna Car Seats 

nuna car seat

Nuna car seats are great if you’re looking for car seats that are lightweight, practical, and will keep your baby safe.

However, there are some special rules that Nuna car seats have in place that more car seat manufacturer brands need to recommend. For example, I love Nuna car seats because they suggest the two-hour rule. In summary, if you’re on a long road trip, Nuna recommends taking your baby out of their car seat every 2 hours and letting them move around.

This will allow your baby to reposition, stop slouching, and give their body a rest from being in a specific position for so long. It’s safe and healthy for your baby to do this. Nuna recommends the longer you can keep your baby out of the car seat, the better.

I love Nuna car seats because of how much they prioritize safety and comfort. Many car seat manufacturers focus on safety alone, but having a baby that isn’t comfortable in their car seat makes you want to stay in the house.

By having a car seat that’s safe and comfy for your baby, you’re able to travel around all you want without worrying about your baby screaming and crying in the car because they’re uncomfortable.

 A lot of the Nuna car seats come with additional features like a built-in ventilation system. This system Keeps your baby comfortable and from overheating while they’re in the car seat, which is so important, especially in the summer months.

Another reason why I really love Nuna car seats is that their products are green guard certified. This basically means that Nuna doesn’t use any volatile organic compounds or hazardous chemicals when manufacturing their car seats. 

How I Chose These Car Seats 

There were a few pieces of criteria I used to make the recommendations listed below. Here’s how I chose the car seats I’m recommending:

Recall History

You don’t have to worry about wondering if you’re buying a recalled seat because the car seats listed in this article have never been recalled.

Safety Rating

I made sure all of the car seats listed in this article met the safety standards set in place by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

I Have Personal Experience

 I know I’m some stranger that you just spent on the internet, so you don’t have to trust me. But I have personal experience with all of these car seats.

Whether I’ve used them for my son or I have friends that have tried these car seats out, I know about all of these car seats. I care about the safety of your baby because, after all, it takes a village to raise your child. I’m here to help be a part of your village.

My Favorite Nuna Car Seats

Nuna Exec All-in-One Car Seat

nuna exec all-in-one car seat


  • Weighs 26.6 pounds
  • Safe for 5-120 pounds
  • 22.5-inches long

This is the car seat that I always recommend to any new parent or parent on the market for a Nuna car seat. It’s an all-in-one car seat, meaning you can use this from the time you leave the hospital with your little babe to when they’re talking back and ready to graduate from a booster seat. 

There are three modes this car seat comes with, including rear-facing, forward-facing, and booster options. I love the weight range on this car seat, as it ranges from 5 lb all the way up to 120 lb. You can completely cut out the cost of purchasing an infant car seat thanks to the flexibility this Nuna car seat offers. 

As for all the cool tech stuff this car seat comes with, in case you want a nerd odd about it, the Nuna Exec comes with Aeroflex side impact technology, as well as an all-steel frame that comes with reinforced belt paths.

There are reinforced belt paths for both facing capacity and rear-facing capacity. In addition, it is made with energy-absorbing foam, reducing the amount of impact your baby’s body takes if there ever is a car accident.

Something else I really love about this car seat, and all of the car seats offered by Nuna, is the car seat fabric is sourced from a flame-resistant material but doesn’t contain any fire-retardant chemicals. There is a GOTS-certified organic cotton interest for the anti-rebound panel. 

This car seat comes with eight reclining positions and a 12-position head support with true tension doors to provide your child with an ultra-secure fit to keep them from moving around in case of an impact.

My personal favorite part about this car seat is the Dual flip open cup holders because who wouldn’t love that? The magnetic harness Keepers and the no-rethread 5-point harness are extra added benefits that really put the class in this Nuna car seat. 

Nuna Revv Rotating Car Seat

Nuna revv rotating car seat


  • Weighs 32.7 pounds
  • Save up to 40 pounds
  • 32-inches long

The Nuna Rev rotating car seat is great for any parent as multiple children they’re trying to get in and out of their car seats quickly.

This car seat swivels in both directions, making it super easy and uncomfortable for you to get babe in and out of the car seat. I also love that you only need to use one hand if you’re trying to get the car seat to go into a rotating position.

It’s super easy to get it to rotate, especially if you’re carrying your child on your hip and trying to get it to rotate with the other hand. 

The car seat is made with steel construction and has a 10-year lifespan, which is incredible. It’s safe for you to use this car seat in the rear-facing position up until your babe is around 40 lb. I do love that it has an adjustable headrest and a no-rethread harness, which makes me using this car seat even easier.

The best part about this car seat is how plush and snug it is. I loved how cozy my friend’s little baby looked when she was sitting inside this car seat. 

Nuna Pipa LX Infant Car Seat

nuna pipa LX infant car seat


  • 8 pounds
  • Safe up to 
  • 32-inches long

Some parents want to purchase an infant car seat, and I don’t blame them. I like infant car seats because of the handle that comes with them. If your babe is asleep when you get home, keep them in the car seat and carry the car seat inside with the handle.

It’s also really easy for you to transport your little one around with you. You can keep them in the car seat and easily tug the whole thing around for doctor’s appointments, grocery store trips, and every other weekly activity.

I love this car seat because of the safety leg that comes with the base. The safety leg provides Extra Protection if you ever are in a car accident.

Plus, I really love how this infant car seat has a drape installed in the canopy that allows you to give your baby extra shade. I totally forgot to buy a window cover for my newborn, and on the first bright summer day that we had, I was able to use this canopy cover to give my son some extra shade and protection from the sun.

Nuna Pipa Lite RX Infant Car Seat 

nuna pipa lite RX infant car seat


  • Weighs 7 pounds
  • 4 to 32 pounds
  • 25-inches long

This is the latest car seat that Nina offers for infants. A lighter car seat means less weight that you have to worry about lugging around when you’re carrying a baby in their car seat.

I think this is a really great car seat if you’re looking for something sleek and lightweight, especially if you don’t have an SUV that can handle the size of a bigger and bulk car seat.

 My favorite part about this car seat is the rigid LATCH connectors on this car seat. This was so nice to use when installing the car seat back into the car because I could just connect to the latch hooks without wasting a bunch of time digging around! 

I think the anti-rebound stability leg is another great thing about this car seat that brought me a lot of comfort.

As a paranoid new mom, I was always afraid to go out on the road in case of an accident. But the Pipa Lite RX seat brought me some comfort because of the stability leg preventing the seat from flipping up and around if there ever was any sort of accident. 

You do have the opportunity to add additional safety features, but I would like to mention that the additional safety features will make the car seat heavier. For example, you can add a load leg and a dream drape (which I mentioned above) to the car seat if you so choose.

If you’re super concerned about keeping possible dangerous chemicals away from your baby’s skin, you’ll be happy to know that this car seat is also fire retardant free.

Nuna Aace Booster Seat

nuna aace booster seat


  • Weights 15 pounds
  • 40 to 120 pounds
  • 15-inches long

If you have a child that’s a little bit older and bigger, you don’t necessarily need to go out and purchase a convertible car seat.

Instead, I think the Nuna AACE highback booster is great because it comes With a high back mode and a backless mode. The high back mode is made for children weighing anywhere from 40 to 110 lb. For your child to use the high back mode, they should be around four years old.

 For you to transfer to the backless mode, your child should be between the range of 50 to 120 lb. recommended age for you to begin using this car seat with your child is five years old.

 I think there’s a lot of flexibility offered with this booster seat, especially considering it’s made for older children. I love how there’s an adjustable three-depth seat bottom, as this really prioritizes comfort for your child. There’s a nine-position height adjustable headrest too, which is great for custom ability as your child continues to grow. 

My favorite part about this booster seat is the rigid latch installation because it makes installing the high back and backless modes so incredibly easy.

I feel really comfortable with this car seat out on the road because the external side impact protection pods disperse any energy from a car accident.

For an extra layer of protection, the entire car booster seat is lined with foam that absorbs any energy the external side impact protection pods don’t absorb in an accident. I don’t feel like these booster seats are very expensive, considering they can last up to 10 years.


Question: Are Nuna Car Seats Safe?

Answer: Yes, Nuna’s car seats are safe! The Nuna car seats have been specially designed to exceed current safety standards set in place by the national highway traffic safety administration. Plus, Nuna has an incredibly rigorous testing process to make sure all of the car seats they offer are perfectly safe in case you are ever in a car accident with your babe.

Question: Can I Use a Nuna Car Seat on an Airplane? 

 Answer: Yes, the majority of the car seats offered by Nuna are approved by the FAA and are safe to use on an airplane. Before you go purchasing any airline tickets, though, I would highly recommend you make sure that the special car seat that you have is okay for you to use with the airline you’re planning on traveling with.

Question: Can I Wash my Nuna Car Seat Cover? 

Answer: Yes, that’s something that I love about the Nuna car seats is that the majority of their car seat covers are easy to remove and machine washable. But it’s really important for you to look at the instructions on your specific model car seat to make sure that you don’t potentially damage the car seat cover during the washing process. 

Finding the Best Nuna Car Seat For You and Your Babe

 When you enter into the world of car seat shopping, it can be really overwhelming trying to choose the best Nuna car seat for you and your little one.

After all, there are a bunch of different options available, and you may only have a certain amount of flexibility in your budget. I love that Nuna offers such a wide variety of options, like convertible car seats and booster seats, so I really think that every parent has the option to choose from with Nuna.

 As a mom on a budget, I would always recommend to any new parent that you consider purchasing a convertible car seat or an all-in-one car seat.

You’ll only have to show out the money for a car seat one time, and you’ll have a safe place to put your baby in from the time their newborn all the way until they’re ready to graduate from a booster seat. 

What’s your favorite Nuna car seat?