Best Clek Car Seats Guide for All Ages: From Little Beans to Big Kiddos

Best Clek Car Seats

Who said car seats couldn’t be stylish? 

A lot of car manufacturers have. That is until Clek came in and made a difference in the car seat industry! Clek car seats I’ve been around since 2005 and have made their main focus aesthetically pleasing but high-quality car seats.

I fell in love with my first Clek car seat when I was scrolling around on Tik Tok, and I saw a #momgoals influencer show off the modern and gorgeous design.

The more time that I spent researching the brand, I also fell in love with its advanced safety features. It’s basically giving me the only two things that I care about, safety and aesthetics.

I don’t need a car seat to have a bunch of bells and whistles, especially now that I have a toddler who would probably destroy any of those bells and whistles in this car seat.

 I also love that car seats offer a variety of sizes, catering to families that have infants, toddlers, and kids that are almost grown up. I think there are a lot of great things about Clek, like their durability and how easy their car seats are to install.

 If you’re a new parent searching for the perfect car seat for your newborn or you are a seasoned parent that’s looking for a stylish but reliable option for your growing child, I think Clek car seats will definitely have the perfect car seat to fit your needs.

I’m ready to take you through everything you need to know about this not-so-known brand and show you all of my favorite options available for your little bean all the way up to your biggest kiddo. 

Why I Love Clek Car SeatsClek Car Seat

There are a lot of reasons why I’m passionate about Clek car seats. Sure, it may be obnoxious, but I think one of the biggest reasons why I love this brand is because they’re high-quality and made in North America. I love that a bigger car seat brand is all about supporting businesses and families located around me.

Not only that, but it also means that Clek has a better handle (in my opinion) on quality control. Yeah, that means the car seats are a little bit more expensive, but I’d rather pay a little bit more money if it means that I can put money back into local pockets. To me, the extra price tag is definitely worth it. 

I also really like that they don’t have a huge variety to choose from. I do think that there’s something for everyone offered, but there isn’t an overwhelming out of options for you to choose from either. 


I also love that car seats don’t use chlorinated or brominated flame-retardant chemicals on the fabrics for their car seats.

The fabrics that they use to cover the car seats are made from Mariana wool, which is still fire retardant but doesn’t contain any added flame retardant chemicals.

In addition, Clek car seats exceed all of the current national highway safety administration recommendations by including features such as their Rigid LATCH system and the energy-absorbing crumple technology. 


 I have an extra layer of trust in Clek compared to some other car seat manufacturers because of the creator of Clek.

They originally worked in car part manufacturing before switching to car seat manufacturing, so I feel confident in the creation of these car seats because I know the creator has a background and understanding of the current safety technology in vehicles.

Testingtesting clek car seats

 At the moment, Clek currently tests their car seat impact performance at speeds faster than the United States currently requires four car seat testing.

There’s also an additional level of testing Clek puts all of their car seats through to ensure the effective protection of your child in the instance of an accident.

All of the test results Clek collects during their own processing, they make public so you can get an idea of how the car seat performs in an accident. 

Extended Rear-Facing Options

In case you weren’t aware, Clek also offers the opportunity for extended rear-facing thanks to the anti-rebound bar that they place in their car seats.

Keeping your toddler rear-facing for as long as possible will help to better protect your child in case of an accident. The anti-rebound bar installed in the car seat helps to stabilize the car and see if you are ever in an accident.

The rebound bar also works to push the seat away from the back of the seat that the car seat is installed in to allow taller children to ride rear-facing for as long as possible. I love that Clek manufactured the car seats to keep kids rear-facing for as long as possible. 


warranty In addition, Clek advertises that their car seats are built to last with a 9-year expiration. Sure, the nine-year expiration isn’t the 10-year expiration offered by Nuna car seats, a similar high-end car seat brand.

But, where I do feel like Clek beats out, Nuna offers a free 2-year warranty on the car seat you purchase, as long as you make sure to register it with the warranty within 90 days after purchase.


 Of course, that’s not all that Clek offers either. I’ve had friends go through a couple of car seats offered by Clek because of car accidents.

I love that this brand offers a recycling program, where you can reach out to the company and ship the car seat back to them.

They’re passionate about making sure that car seats don’t end up in the landfill, so I think it’s really great that there is this option available.

How I Chose These Clek Car Seats

As you’re reading reviews online, you likely already know that you can’t trust everything that you read. Here’s a closer look at how I chose the car seats that I’m recommending below so you have a better idea of whether or not these car seats are the right fit for you and your family.

Type of Car Seat

I chose one car seat for every type of car seat that I Clek offers. Clek offers booster seats, convertible car seats, and infant car seats. I’ve chosen my favorite model for each type of car seat they offer.


Since Clek doesn’t have a ton of car seat options to consider, I chose my favorite car seats based on their stylish designs and color options.

While there may only be one or two other style options to look at based on the model, I’ve personally chosen these based on which ones I think to look the coolest or prettiest.

My Favorite Clek Car Seats

Here’s a close look at all my all-time favorite Clek car seats. 

Clek Foonf Convertible Car SeatClek Foonf Convertible Car Seat

  • Weighs 36 pounds
  • 14-65 pound weight limit

First, let’s comment on how fun the name “foonf” is. I love how company his car seat is, although I wouldn’t compare it to the plushness of any of the car seats that Nuna makes.

I highly recommend this car seat for any parent looking to fit three car seats in the back of the car on the same road.

This is a very narrow car seat, so if you’re in the market for something that doesn’t take up a lot of space but also doesn’t sacrifice any safety features, I would recommend this car seat.  

If you’re looking for a car seat that has all of the bells and whistles for safety, this is the car seat for you. Not only was this car seat made with a combination of steel and magnesium, but it also came with an anti-rebound bar installed. This car seat also has an energy-absorbing foam inside impact protection.

But, the best part about the safety features in this car seat? The REACT safety technology. Basically, it takes the same have and protects forward, facing children in case of an impact.

My biggest complaint about this car seat is how heavy it is. Most car seats are around 20 pounds max. However, largely due to the anti-rebound bar installed on our car seat, it was a whopping 36 pounds.

Clek car seats are known for being tank lake, and this car seat is a great example of why this brand is known for its incredibly safe car seats.

Also, I do wish it was a little bit easier to install. I have the hardest time with the rear-facing installation. However, it’s super cute, and I believe the sleekness of this car seat makes up for how heavy it is! 

Clek Liing Infant Car Seat Clek Liing Infant Car Seat 

  • Weighs 9 pounds
  • Safe for 4-35 pounds 

Clek proves with this car seat that they don’t just care about babies; they care about parents too. With the Liing infant car seat, Clek designed the carry handle to be ergonomically constructed.

Plus, this is one of the lightest infant car seats on the market, so you won’t have to worry about lugging around a “tank” of a car seat with your newborn!

Just like with all of the other car seats offered by Clek, this car seat is loaded with safety features. You’ll find the anti-rebound bar inside of this car seat, stabilizing the car seat in the event of an accident. 

There’s a RIGID latch system available on this car seat, as well as a belt-tension option available if you aren’t able to use the RIGID latch system. 

The base on this car seat or positions, so no matter what angle you have to install the car seat, you can always ensure your baby is at a safe angle. I love that this car seat comes with 100+ SPF protection (along with three different position options) to keep your baby’s skin protected on those bright sunny days! 

I would recommend this car seat for anyone that is shopping around for a preemie baby. This is because this car seat comes with a two-stage insert process, providing a super snug fit and head support. 

I know a couple of moms would’ve gone with his car seat because of how narrow it is, just like the other Clek car seats. It’s possible to fit three car seats in the back of a small car since this car seat is only 17 inches wide. 

Clek Oobr High Back Booster

Clek Oobr High Back Booster

  • Weighs 20 pounds
  • Safe for 40 to 100 pounds in high back mode and backless mode 

The Clek Oober high-back booster seat is yet another outstanding choice. While this technically isn’t a convertible car seat, it is a booster sent meant to grow with your kiddo.

I would recommend this booster seat to any child that is ready to transition from a 5-point harness to a booster. My favorite feature of this booster seat is the recline option. This booster seat gives your child the option to recline, helping to keep them comfortable while you’re on long road trips. 

This high-back booster seat comes with an adjustable headrest too, which is great if you’ve got a child that goes through a crazy amount of growth spurts.

The adjustable headrest allows you to customize the fit of the booster seat to your kiddo. Plus, the deep wings on this high-back booster provide side-impact protection thanks to the energy-absorbing foam layers installed on this car seat.

In addition, the back of this booster seat is removable, so whenever your babe is ready to have no back, all you have to do is remove it!

As with all of the other Clek car seats, you’ll find this booster seat has a RIGID LATCH system, providing an additional layer of safety. In addition, this booster (like all other Clek products) doesn’t contain any fire-retardant chemicals. 

And if you really want to be impressed with something, look up the crash test results for this booster seat. Believe me; you’re going to be amazed! 


How long is a Clek car seat good for?

All car seats manufactured by Clek expire nine years after the manufacturing date. However, a car seat may expire sooner after getting into a car accident. You could always make sure to replace any car seat in your vehicle if it’s involved in an accident, even if it’s minor.

Are Clek car seats made in China?

No, Clek car seats are made and assembled in Ontario, Canada. Part of Clek’s branding is there a proud source of all of its business in North America.

How long should you keep a child rear-facing in a Clek car seat? 

Clek recommends keeping your child rear, facing until their fourth birthday. That’s why I love Clek because they have specially manufactured their car seats. These car seats have anti-rebound bars to make it more comfortable for your young child to stay rear-facing until they turn 4.

Finding the Right Clek Car Seat for You and Your Baby

Thankfully, Clek doesn’t have a ton of car seat options for you to sort through and contemplate. I say, the less overwhelmed you are while shopping online for car seats, the better.

Finding the right Clek car seat for you and your baby is essential for your babe’s well-being, safety, and comfort during travel. As you’re shopping around, don’t forget to consider the safety features available on each car seat and how compatible the car seat is going to be with your specific vehicle.

Thankfully, out of the limited options Clek car seats offer, they’re got an option for every family’s needs!