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We are a team of car seat safety experts and parents with one common mission – to make car seat buying and using as easy and as safe as possible

Every family has different car seat needs. This is why we have real Child Passenger Safety Instructors and certified car passenger safety experts here to help.  We’re also a group of real parents that are dedicated to sharing our real tests, with real kids and real-life situations here. You can learn more about us here

Our promises to you. 

We will always provide honest reviews. We are not sponsored. We’ll tell you what we really think. Always.

We keep it real. There are so many tough decisions in parenting. We want to make car seat shopping
one of the easier ones. 

We will always give you options. You don’t need to spend the most to get a really great car seat.
Our team of car seat experts has helped thousands of parents find that perfect fit, in any budget, for every family. 

We will always tell you the truth. Not all cars are as family-friendly. Expensive car seats are not always the best.
We have worked with thousands of families to make car seat use simple and accessible and we’ll always do that here.

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